The Preparedness Roadmap

The Preparedness Roadmap:
A practical guide to family readiness in disasters and emergencies
By Forrest Garvin

If the world as you know it upended today, would you be prepared for the challenges to come? Hollywood serves up an endless supply of nightmares including war, climate catastrophes, and meteor strikes. But are these all imaginary?

Millions of people around the world have opened their eyes to the potential for disasters big and small, from Electro-Magnetic Pulses, and attacks on the electrical grid down to medical emergencies and job loss. They do this because they believe life can change at a moment's notice. And they aren’t wrong. We are walking on a razor’s edge - politically, financially, and technologically. Major disruption is no longer the realm of fiction.

And you may feel it too…

“The Preparedness Roadmap” approaches these life-changing events from the perspective of personal responsibility and self-reliance. Only by taking control of your own state of readiness can you reduce the stress that comes with disaster awareness. Preparing yourself and your family for disasters big and small is an act of love. But how do you get started on that path? What is the roadmap for success?

“The Preparedness Roadmap” approaches disaster readiness with a series of practical tasks laid out over twelve months. During each block of time, we cover the three most important aspects of your path: what to buy, what to learn, and how to improve your mindset. “The Preparedness Roadmap” takes a measured approach to improving your survival posture, one that recognizes success results from a slow and steady approach that builds and reinforces good habits (the marathon) and not quick all-consuming action resulting from fear (the sprint).

“The Preparedness Roadmap” is written for both the novice prepper seeking an experienced guide on their journey and for the seasoned prepper looking for new inspiration and a tune-up. “The Preparedness Roadmap” is a must-have for the library of every household seeking to improve their position in this unstable world.