Entrepreneurship For Survival

Entrepreneurship For Survival
Gain Freedom with a Home-Based Business
By Forrest Garvin

Entrepreneurship For Survival

Do you have a specialty that you know you can monetize? Did you master a skill that you are called on to teach? Have you invented a better mousetrap? We each harbor ideas we want to share with the world. Or maybe you want a little extra cash for your hobbies.

Every household should have a home-based business. “Entrepreneurship for Survival” will offer why this is the case and show you the steps to make it your reality. All it takes is guts, timing, and the right knowledge. “Entrepreneurship for Survival” is your path to gaining these critical components of success.

This book is for people who need a little push to bolster their guts. Men and women that need to find the right timing to start building their business, and it's for those that are eager for the knowledge to help reinforce their success.

“Entrepreneurship for Survival” walks you through Forrest Garvin’s experience at starting, launching, and building a successful business and then gives you the tools to do the same. Along this path, he will help you discern good ideas from those fogged by bias, identify the resources you need, and get you in touch with the experts that will nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within you. On your path to a successful home-based business, you will build a plan that defines your product/service, clearly identifies its goals, establishes a workable financial plan complete with failure backstops, and clearly illustrates your outreach activities, including message definition, communication cadence, visual image, and definition of your ideal customer.
Finally, “Entrepreneurship for Survival” will guide you through the processes of making your business legal, kick-starting your finances, and growing your business with confidence.
“Entrepreneurship for Survival” is written for people with ideas that need a guide down the path to success. Remember, all it takes is guts, timing, and knowledge. “Entrepreneurship for Survival” gives you the knowledge to make your dream a reality.